The Poke Roadtrip is an online platform that takes you on a journey through the world of Pokemon. In our joint journey we go along Pokemon fans of all ages, we learn the Pokemon card game from real pros, we go live on Twitch with you to enjoy beautiful packs new to old and you can participate.

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Presenting The Poke Roadtrip and Flash-Cards live on Twitch on 5 june 19:00, a Flashfire Boosterbox break and you can participate!

But how does that work now?
June 5th at 7:00 pm, The Poke Roadtrip & Flash-Cards will go live on Twitch. The boosterbox will be opened during the live and will be shuffled after the opening to distribute the flashfire booster as fairly as possible. After the distribution we will start opening the packs. We do this in order of the purchase date. So this means first come first served.

So do you want to participate, the boosters cost ... euros each and this includes:
  • Join in the live when your pack opens
  • The pack, of course including the cards.
  • Free PSA grading if you pulled a full art or secret card in our live. Please note this does not include the prices that PSA will charge afterwards. (This will first be a voucher for 1 free grading of 1 card)